Ethics Helpdesk Data Privacy

Ethics Helpdesk has made data privacy our top priority so that your data and the anonymous Ethics Whistle-blower are always protected. Read more about our market-leading security solutions here.

1. Advanced data privacy and security settings
2. Reliable and flexible service platform
3. Commitment to legal compliance globally
4. Adherence to ISO27001

Ethics Helpdesk has prioritized data privacy to ensure that your data and the anonymity of the Whistle-blower are always protected. Learn more about our market-leading security solutions.

1. Advanced data privacy and security configurations
2. Dependable and adaptable service platform
3. Global commitment to legal compliance
4. Compliance with ISO27001

1. Advanced data privacy and security settings
Security solutions provided by Ethics Helpdesk to safeguard sensitive data. Customer data protection
Building trust in the service and protecting sensitive data are critical for all Ethics Helpdesk customers, which is why the security by default and security by design principles are embedded in the Ethics Helpdesk service. Data security is the foundation for all service functions.

The Ethics Helpdesk third-party solution protects sensitive data while protecting the whistle-blower's anonymity.
Secure multi-factor authentication
Intrusion detection and prevention
Data encryption in transmission and storage
Activity logs by case and by user
Data redundancy (to prevent loss of data)
2. Reliable and flexible service platform
Date is securely stored Certifications
A truly global Ethics Whistle-blowing service requires the highest levels of reliability and flexibility. The Ethics Helpdesk service platform has been designed to allow high scalability and flexibility, offering a futureproof service to our customers. Ethics Helpdesk has chosen Microsoft Azure, which offers the most comprehensive set of compliance offerings, as its hosting and development platform. Platform services are delivered to customers through data centres, each designed to run 24/7/365, and each employing various measures to protect operations from power failure, physical intrusion and network outages. Microsoft Azure has a multitude of certifications and is committed to their annual renewal. These include ISO 27001 (international standard for information security management), ISO 27018 (international standard for protecting personal data in the cloud) and Cloud Security Alliance. Management security and compliance statements for Microsoft Azure are available at Microsoft’s Trust Centre.
3. Legal compliance
Compliance with the Law How we comply with key GDPR requirements
The Ethics Helpdesk system adheres to current data protection regulations. This includes adhering to the EU GDPR, the world's strictest such law, and its requirements for the handling of personal data as well as protection by default and design. Our customers can also use the system to comply with the EU whistle-blower protection directive.

National guidelines are updated on an annual basis to ensure that your service is compliant wherever it is offered.
The data is kept in the EU. Because the customer controls the encryption, neither Ethics Helpdesk nor its suppliers have access to sensitive customer data.
4. ISO 27001 Compliance
Ethics Helpdesk Information Security Management System Information security
The Ethics Helpdesk works methodically to safeguard customer information. The ISO/IEC 27001:2017 international information security standard is met by the Ethics Helpdesk Information Security Management System (ISMS). It has been designed to ensure that information security, including personal data management, is considered in all decisions made during development and throughout the service's lifecycle. The Ethics Helpdesk Information Security Policy governs Ethics Helpdesk’s internal processes and our relationships with customers, partners and suppliers. We ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of customer data.